01 Who we are? About COmpany

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Starting from 2018, TimeSoft is one of the IT companies operating in Azerbaijan. Our company's activity serves to automate and improve productivity, effectiveness and optimization of business and government management in various enterprises of Azerbaijan. To achieve this goal, by using the Information Technology effectively, time saving and a more efficient business process are achieved. We have signed a number of successful projects in this area in a short period of time and have implemented a number of state projects and we have developed a number of new platforms in our country.

Professional Services 02

Planning of IT Infrastructure
Applying of Geographical Information Systems
Writing and applying software
Preparation of governmental portals
Preparation of technical assignments in ICT projects
Consulting services in ICT projects
Integration and automation of ICT projects with equipment
Preparation and applying of information security projects

03 Recent Works From Our Portfolio

Office IOS

Intelligent Operating System
  • Electronic Clerical
  • Human Resources (HR)
  • Financial report
  • Work Plan and Project Management
  • Reserves (Store)
  • Marketing
  • SSM

Small and medium-sized businesses may not have the financial resources to spend large sums on systems such as Documentation, HR, Finance and Warehouse, as they are costly. Thinking about all this, Office Management was created. Office Management is a platform, with more and more e-services being listed. Small and medium-sized businesses can also register and use these systems by paying a monthly membership fee.


Agricultural Intelligent Operating System
  • Area distribution with satellite images
  • Planting and Business Planning
  • Job Continuity / HR
  • Electronic clerical work
  • Financial Report
  • Risk of disease
  • CameraandCarControl

Farmers and farmers operating in the agricultural sector will be instrumental in managing the affairs. For example: an AgroPark facilitates planting, business planning, irrigation systems, warehouses and supplies, Human Resources and Financial, with all the details. They will also be able to plan and manage their own areas and traffic on the map by integrating other services such as Camera, Turnpike and Traffic Tracking.

Agro Birja

Online Agricultural Platform
  • OFormation of the average price
  • Shared selling platform
  • Comparison of products
  • We are statistically productive across the country
  • Innovations in the agrarian sector
  • One-to-one contact with companies
  • Learn more about products

Agrobirja.az platforması kənd təsərrüfatı məhsullarının qiymətləndirilməsini aparmaq, müxtəlif təsərrüfatlara məxsus məhsulların qarşılıqlı qiymətlərini göstərmək məqsədi ilə yaradılmışdır. Platforma alıcıya seçim etmək, müxtəlif məhsulların qiymətini dəyərləndirmək imkanı verməklə, sahibkarlara, ümumiyyətlə kənd təsərrüfatı ilə maraqlanan hər bir şəxsə faydalı olacaq.

Vision TV

Vision TV

Think different and see differently!

Vision TV is Internet TV in Azerbaijan


Intellectual Space Broadcasts Circle of interest Country World
Agro Tv

Agro TV

Agricultural TV

Agro TV is an online television specializing in agriculture


Agropark Farmer Region News Columnists

04 Why should you Choose Us?

We are aware that innovation will be productive, reliable, easy to use, and will not work efficiently without any existing assets. We are aware of issues that may arise in the future regarding our projects, revealing needs in advance, increasing efficiency based on innovative ideas, minimizing cost and offering optimal products. we are trying to ensure the application of modern technologies.

Software The most modern and perfect form of information processing is applied.
Hardware Equipment maintenance- ensuring all technical equipment you need to work comfortably.
Professional Planning Every step of the project is planned by our professional experts.
Creative Design Creative UI & UX work is being prepared by our professional staff.
Perfect Result As a result of our team's successful work, the assignment is best handed over.
7/24 Support Our team always provides you support.

05 Our permanent Partners

Management and Administrative personnel 06

Elvin Abbasov

Elvin Abbasov

CEO & Founder of Virtual Azərbaijan Group of Company

Vision: Has built its life on knowledge, faith and courage, constantly expanding its outlook on life byupdating and improving itself.

Stat: We are an entrepreneurial success, an indicator of our developed society. Therefore, as much as our personal success, we strive for the success of society.

TimeSoft is a platform company. The platforms he creates are shaped by the individuality and specificity of the country. The aim of the company is to help companies operating in Azerbaijan first, using TimeSoft's platforms to create a comfortable business process. The company will increase the number of platforms in the coming years. The company is currently expanding its applications in four areas.